Carly Rae Jepsen Drops “Fever” And “First Time”

After being unfairly disregarded by both the general public and the Grammys, Carly Rae Jepsen’s sophomore LP E•MO•TION is receiving rerelease treatment in the form of a remix album. Though an official release date has not been announced, two of the tracks have been leaked online and they are EVERYTHING.

Songs that get left on the cutting room floor oftentimes sound half-baked, which justifies their omission. However, the glittery, synth-driven “Fever” and sugar rush, disco bop “First Time” would have been right at home alongside “Run Away With Me” and “Your Type” on the standard edition of the album. However, E•MO•TION was such a top notch project that it’s easy to see how deciding which songs to cut might have been such a difficult choice. Plus, Jepsen wrote and recorded a staggering 250 songs while developing the album.

Listen to the new songs below.