Breaking Down The Best Actress Race

It’s that time of the year; Sundance, Cannes, Telluride and Venice are behind us while the Toronto Film Festival has just begun, and so has Oscar season. The contenders are beginning to emerge and narratives are starting to take shape. There are some films that have gotten a head start thanks to some critical raves (JackieLa La Land, MoonlightLovingSully) and some that are playing catch up (The Birth of A Nation) while others are giant question marks in the race right now (Arrival,

One race that’s particularly interesting, as it stands right now, is Best Actress. With so much left of the race left to go there are a number of exciting possibilities that, if played right, could make this one of the best years for Best Actress in awhile. Continue reading

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Fall In Love In Stunning Trailer For “La La Land”

La La Land may be months away from its official US premiere, but it’s making a pretty strong case to be considered a frontrunner for every Best Cinematography award there is. Seriously, in just a little over a minute, the trailer offers up more gorgeous imagery than most films released this year have during their entire duration.

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2016 Best Actress Hopefuls Include Viola Davis & Rosamund Pike

Trust me, I know we’re all still recovering from last year’s dreadful slate of Academy Award winners/nominees (I’m of course not talking about Mad Max Fury Road winning several trophies, but of course another crop of all white acting nominees and the inclusion of films like JOY and The Revenant). That being said, any news on the Best Actress category, in my opinion, is worth discussing. Especially when it concerns Viola Davis.

That’s right. The beloved actress could not only score her third career nomination (and the second in this particular category) but maybe even her first win.

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“JOY” Is A Misfire On All Fronts

Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell have made three feature films together since 2012. Silver Linings PlaybookAmerican Hustle and now JOY. It’s easy to see why, as O. Russell has directed her to 2 Oscar nominations, and one win. He also gives her the space to breathe, something she doesn’t receive in The Hunger Games films. While I’ve not always agreed with Lawrence’s casting in these roles (she’s way too young) she has delivered some compelling moments, even if it never amounts to a whole performance.

JOY, however, is O. Russell’s messiest film thus far, with Lawrence’s casting sticking out like a sore thumb.

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