“Lemonade” Is Looking At A Huge First Week Of Sales

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Beyoncé is back. On Saturday night, she dropped her stunning HBO special entitled Lemonade, based on the album of the same name. The album/short film is a continuation of B’s visual album release strategy she implemented with her self-titled fifth album released almost three years ago. Only with Lemonade, it is presented as a whole rather than separate music videos. Though thought to be released exclusively through TIDAL (the streaming service owned by husband Jay Z), the album has dropped on iTunes and, in typical Queen B fashion, is already tearing up the charts.

According to Billboard, music legend Prince will dominate the charts this week. Following the legend’s untimely death, nearly his entire catalog began climbing up the iTunes charts. Songs such as “When Doves Cry” and “Kiss”dethroned “NO” by Meghan Trainor and “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony as top charting songs on iTunes. Not long after Lemonade was released on iTunes, every single song began charting within the top 50, with the album itself claiming the top spot. Currently, three songs from the album are sitting within the top 10, with “Formation” at #1.

So what does this mean for Beyoncé’s first sales week? Not even one day into official release, outlets are already predicting sales a 500k-600k sales week, with 200k coming from just today. The physical copy of the album will hit stores on May 6. TIDAL will continue to have exclusive streaming rights to the album, so for those of you with Spotify or Apple Music looking to stream the album, purchasing it is the best option.


Those numbers are still a little premature; there is a chance that Lemonade could see an even higher number as we move through the week. Regardless of what the actual number is, this will give Beyoncé her sixth consecutive number one album, making her the first artist (male or female) to have their first six albums reach number one on the charts.

Just another day in the life of Queen B.

UPDATE (4/25/16, 11:38 PM): The strong downloads of the individual songs looks to add an additional 100K to the pure sales number, which is still tracking anywhere from 500k-600k total.