Who Is Nana JJ?

The list of people who worked on Beyoncé’s Lemonade is an extensive one, Diplo, Erza Koenig and Father John Misty among them. However there’s one person who’s boasting a close connection to B that’s sending even the most devoted Beyhive members for a loop. She calls herself Nana JJ.

Shortly after Lemonade premiered on HBO on Saturday night and Beyoncé herself tweeted (the first time in about three years) the official TIDAL link to stream the album, fans discovered a series of old tweets from Nana JJ that predicted what the then titled #B6 would be.

As we’re all now aware, all of this has indeed come to pass. The opening track on Lemonade IS a ballad (“Pray You Catch Me”), there is explicit content and 12 tracks, Bey does have long hair on the cover, the album was released in April of this year and will remain a TIDAL exclusive despite being sold on iTunes; Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music will not stream Lemonade.

Since the discovery of her account, Nana JJ has been tweeting up a storm regarding everything from the upcoming tour, Bey’s opinion on other female artists and even a secret Twitter account that is used by Bey herself to gauge public opinion/find out information directly from her fans.

Described as a 68 year old “Music Producer, Wife, Proud Momma and totally cool Grandma” Nana JJ doesn’t have any plans to get rid of the anonymity surrounding her. She does, however, seem very determined to out “Becky with the good hair” who she has revealed ISN’T Rachel Roy, but did allude to being Rita Ora in a now deleted tweet.

Troll accounts are incredibly popular on Twitter with some like Lorraine Star, Uma Kompton and Kelsey Hilton breaking out and taking on a life of their own. For all we know, Nana JJ could very well be a fake account created months ago to drum up attention by a bored fan who happened to get lucky with the predictions regarding Lemonade. Although, that every single prediction regarding a Beyoncé release that was shrouded in secrecy turned out to be true has me thinking otherwise.

Given that Beyoncé is such a notoriously private person, the emergence of this account adds a layer to the already entertaining saga that’s unfolded as a result of the release of Lemonade. But regardless of our desire to figure out the truth behind Nana JJ, she’s determined to move on from Team Beyoncé to Team Katy Perry.