2018 Golden Globe Nominations Announced

Everyone’s favorite organization, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, has announced their crop of nominees for the annual Golden Globe awards which means we are truly in the thick of awards season. And in traditional HFPA fashion, they threw us more than their fair share of curveballs. 

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Los Angeles Film Critics Name “Call Me By Your Name” Best Picture of the Year

Just days after the NYFCC came out in support for Lady Bird, the Los Angeles Film Critics came out hard for Call Me By Your Name, giving it Best Picture, Actor and Director. 

The Shape of Water also showed strength, winning Director alongside Call Me By Your Name, Actress and Cinematography. This was crucial for the film’s Oscar hopes after blanking with groups like the Gotham awards and Indie Spirits. 

Lady Bird‘s Laurie Metcalf managed a win in Supporting Actress, with Greta Gerwig winning the coveted New Generation prize. Willam Dafoe continued his dominance in Supporting Actor. 

See the full list of winners below.

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“Lady Bird,” Named Best Picture By the New York Film Critics Circle

The New York Film Critics Circle (un)officially kicked off awards season today with the announcement of their crop of winners. The group split the Picture and Directing categories, going with Lady Bird for the former and The Florida Project‘s Sean Baker for the latter. Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet continued their success at the Gotham awards earlier this week by picking up prizes for Actor and Actress here, while Willem Dafoe staked his case to potentially steamroll Best Supporting Actor J.K. Simmons’ style. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise was Tiffany Haddish being named Best Supporting Actress for her incredible work in Girls Trip. Not even Bridesmaids‘ Melissa McCarthy, who went on to be Oscar nominated, could boast this feat (although she did get a win from the Boston Society of Film Critics). Haddish is a star on the rise and campaigning should come easy to her. This is a nice head start in a category that’s pretty fluid outside of Laurie Metcalf and Allison Janney, but Universal is going to have to step it up if she’s going to have a real shot. As of right now, they don’t even have any FYC’s for the film on their official website.

See the full list of winners below.

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Is Frances McDormand This Year’s First Best Actress Contender?

I’m still reeling from the anointment of our current Best Actress winner, Emma Stone of La La Land, which is all but a month old but that doesn’t mean I can’t get hopeful about the next crop of potential nominees. And after watching the trailer for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which stars the always incredible Frances McDormand, what a way to start things off.

The last time McDormand was Oscar-nominated was for 2006’s just alright North Country for a performance she probably could have done in her sleep. Since then, she’s done some work with Wes Anderson and scooped up a million and a half prizes (including an Emmy!) for the excellent Olive Kitteridge. But it’s been awhile since the actress has had a proper, leading, film role. This film looks to be the one that not only changes that, but could potentially earn her yet another Oscar nomination. 

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Final Oscar Predictions: Who Will, Could and Should Win

The big night is just hours away, and I have to say I’m happy this long awards season is finally over. What started out as a promising year for awards season turned into a dull steamroll for La La Land, which confuses me given its competition. Then again, we are talking about the Oscars after all, so maybe it’s not all that shocking. 

So yeah, La La Land will probably win everything it’s fun to think about Moonlight or Arrival upsetting in a few of the major categories. So while I’ve tried to be “realistic” and predicted Damien Chazelle’s movie musical to win just about everything from Picture, Actress to Editing and Production Design, I’m holding out for some surprises. 

But aren’t we all? 

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Grammy’s: Who Will and Should Win

This year’s Grammy’s will be a clash of the titans: Adele vs. Beyoncé, with some steep competition from some other big names like Rihanna, Drake, and Justin Bieber in the other major categories. 

But who will come out on top? Who could spoil? And who deserves to? That’s what I’m here to find out. Let’s take a look through some of the major categories. 

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“Hidden Figures” Wins Best Ensemble At SAG Awards

Hidden Figures won big at the Screen Actor’s Guild awards after the cast was awarded the Best Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture, besting the favorite to win Moonlight. It just crossed the $100 million mark at the box office this weekend too. I thought that if Moonlight lost this it would cement La La Land’s win, but coupled with this win, it shouldn’t be counted out of the Best Picture race especially since La La Land was not nominated here. The Oscars love their crowdpleasers, and much of La La Land‘s campaign has been built on it being one. And sure, it has a PGA win, but Hidden Figures is every bit of the crowdpleaser that La La Land is, better even and the race is far from over. Watch out.

The other big “shocker” of the night came when Denzel Washington beat Casey Affleck in Best Actor. Many were predicting Affleck to continue his sweep here but I had a hunch Washington would win here; he had never won an award here before, which is absolutely insane to think about. 

The rest of the categories went pretty much as expected: Emma Stone began her march towards an Oscar by repeating her win at Golden Globes. Any hopes of a late surge for Natalie Portman seem entirely unrealistic now. Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis won in their respective categories. 

See the full list of winners below. 

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